The Church Builder’s HISTORY

The Church Builder’s HISTORY – Our spiritual family history from Pentecost to the present day

Church History explains why the church is like it is today and provides many lessons vital to our success as modern church builders.

This Development Day presents a survey of church history From Pentecost to the Present day, focussing on eras of significant history, with an emphasis on identifying the enduring lessons that help us be and build the Church Jesus always indented us to be.

Some ask, ‘why look at church history?’ … well, here are a few reasons:

  • It’s our family history!
  • Helps us hold to truth and protects us from heresy
  • Helps us avoid imbalance
  • Help us distinguish between the biblical and man-made
  • Helps us learn from mistakes and successes of the past
  • Helps us prepare for our future

This interesting and informative teaching day will inspire you to become a ‘history maker’ in your generation.