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Our aim is to help you grow a big life, be a better leader and become a skilful church builder. We do this by providing quality, structured training for anyone wanting to grow in their faith and better serve their local church community.

The Church is God’s address where you live, the agent of his Kingdom advance in the world and the tangible expression of his love for lost people. That’s why it is so important we build it well. Thriving, Jesus-centred churches are the hope of the world!

If you share our passion for building God’s House and want to do it better, browse our site to discover how you can join like-minded fellow builders on the next Building Church Dynamics course, our core programme.

Stephen Matthew

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  • Building Church

    A rolling, 10 Unit, monthly Saturday School with flexible entry points.

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  • Building Church

    How to build God’s House with skill and wisdom.

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  • Growing Stronger

    Equipping you to grow as a person and leader.

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  • Digging Deeper

    Establishing strong Theological foundations.

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  • @StephenMatthew_

    "I meet too many busy but frustrated people. They’re busy because they’ve lots on and frustrated because it’s unfruitful busyness. For every life stage there’s an appropriate task for you to do (Eph 2:10). Find it, get busy with that alone and fruitfulness will replace frustration "