The Church Builder’s CONVICTIONS

The Church Builder’s CONVICTIONS – Establish church-shaping theological foundations

Your deep beliefs shape what and how you build. Not necessarily the things you say you believe but the things you really believe, deep in your heart.

In this Development Day we first present a simple introduction to systematic theology to help you understand the breadth and shape of biblical theology that underpins the Christian faith.

We then explore how four of your fundamental theological beliefs are shaping the way you practically build the church today, whether you are conscious of it or not. Our focus is on your motivating convictions about:

  • God
  • His Kingdom
  • The Bible, and
  • Your Salvation

This Development Day will provide you with tools to help you test and affirm each of your core convictions as they continue to develop and deepen, so you are better equipped to build God’s House on a firm theological foundation.