Building Church GROWTH DYNAMICS – Getting to grips with church growth

All churches want to grow, but what does that mean in reality?

The mission and culture of a local church determines whether it grows or not and this Development Day gets to grips with both, so we can remove any barriers to growth, embed great culture and embrace our true mission.

Together we will explore:

Church Growth

Because even healthy churches eventually stop growing, depending on how growth is measured and understood. Is that normal? Should we accept it? And what can we do to remove identifiable barriers to achieve our optimum size as a local church?

The Mission of
the Church

Because we expect that as we pursue the mission of the church, it will grow. Here we identify what the true mission of the church is and how to practically work towards implementing it in our local settings, with a view to achieving long-term growth.

Creating a
Discipleship Culture

Because the ‘Great Commission’ implies growth but not at the expense of developing a discipleship culture. We unpack the practical challenges of embedding one in the modern local church.

Developing a
People-Empowering Culture

Because a church can only ever grow as large as the people who are in it. We explore the potential for growth that lies within your church community if people are empowered to become all that God has made them to be.

Join us to unpack how to identify and overcome potential growth barriers, how to make long-term disciples rather than just converts, and embed a truly empowering culture that releases your church to grow.