Building Church ESSENTIALS

Building Church ESSENTIALS – Building God’s House God’s way

This DEVELOPMENT DAY explores the non-negotiable guiding principles that God gave us to effectively build the church in every generation, context and location. It will equip you to build your local church with greater skill and wisdom.

Together we will explore:

The Guiding

God’s House, the Church, must be built to His specification not ours. We identify the timeless biblical guidelines that God has given to shape the building of His Church in every generation, context and location. He did not give us a model to copy but guiding principles to apply with wisdom, which is the skill of the Church Builder.


What does a healthy local church look like? Unless you know, you cannot build it. Using the delegate’s local church as the basis of a ‘local church health check’ exercise, we unpack the guidelines God gave to help us monitor and maintain local church health and identify church-shaping convictions that influence the current health of a local church.

The Plan and
its Progress

Whether you are building from scratch or taking an existing church into its next season, key foundational elements must be in place that will facilitate growth. We explore these cornerstone-like elements and some practical keys to keeping the church in momentum as it develops.

Holding it
all Together

Finally, we examine what holds a local church together, makes it cohesive and embeds genuine unity as it grows.