Course Content

The Building Church Dynamics course consists of 10 Saturday School Units, each of which includes material drawn from the 3 Modules of our core curriculum.

The full curriculum is as follows:

Building Church

How to build God’s House with skill and wisdom

Subjects explored include:

  • What is the church, who leads it and how?
  • What are the non-negotiable biblical guidelines for successfully building a local church?
  • Understanding what a healthy church looks like.
  • Getting the foundations right, including a church’s vision, mission, culture and structure.
  • How to maintain church-building momentum.
  • Building a balanced church that is pastoral, worshipful, evangelistic, servant hearted and disciple making.
  • Establishing good financial, governance and administrative systems.
  • Developing and releasing volunteers.
  • Engaging with the local community and effective social action.

Growing Stronger

Equipping you to grow as a person and leader

Subjects explored include:

  • Growing holistically as a person:
    • Understanding yourself: personality type, natural and spiritual gifts, passions and motivators – including a personal DISC personality profile
    • Developing a Christ like Character to support your gifts and abilities
    • Becoming spiritually strong through devotional disciplines
    • Developing healthy relationships and social skills
    • How to consistently win the battle for your mind
    • Handling money and possessions God’s way
    • Essential communication skills
  • Growing as a leader:
    • What is leadership?
    • Leadership for life and ministry
    • The character of a leader
    • Understanding church leadership essentials: vision, call, gift, anointing
    • Leadership styles and discovering yours
    • Finding your leadership fit
    • What happens when leaders get stuck?

Digging Deeper

Establishing strong Theological foundations

This module explores four vital aspects of Christian doctrine, establishing solid biblical foundations to support and direct your practical church building:

  • Understanding the Bible
    • The Bible is our foundation text, so we must understand and handle it well. We include an introduction to the Bible, including where it came from, how it fits together and how to get the best from it, plus a look at what gives the Bible its authority and some important principles of how to interpret the Bible safely.
  • Understanding God
    • What we believe about God is the most important thing about us. So we provide an inspirational introduction to the Doctrine of God, exploring the breadth of God’s greatness and his essential nature. To build his House well, we must know Him well.
  • Understanding Salvation
    • The salvation process is at the core of Christian belief and practice. Here we establish exactly what salvation is, how it happens and how to live in the fullness of its provision.
  • Understanding God’s Kingdom
    • The Kingdom is of primary importance in life and theology. Our personal salvation and the way we build the church all flow out of what we believe about God’s ever-increasing Kingdom.

The classes are an interactive mixture of taught sessions, discussions and workshops to ensure students engage with the material.

In addition, students will be given an assignment task between each Saturday to help them apply the principles learned in the real world of building the church and growing as a Christian.