Building Church DEVELOPMENT DAYS are a series of stand-alone training days on important aspects of Building Church. They are designed to supplement our other courses and contain material that is not included in them.

They provide additional learning opportunities for graduates of our other courses and serve as stand-alone training days on themes of mutual interest to everyone interested in serving and building their local church more effectively.

Each day is an attendance-only live event, running from 10.00-15.30 to maximize group interaction and the learning opportunity.

In the 2020-21 academic year our DEVELOPMENT DAYS will be:

  • Understanding Yourself:

    A day of self-investment, to help you better understand the way God has made, shaped and gifted you. Delegates will complete a DISC personality profile during the event, all expertly presented and interpreted to help you become secure in who you are as a person and leader.

  • Leadership Team Dynamics:

    A not-to-be-missed training day for Teams, exploring the importance of trust in volunteer-based organisations, team spirit and how teams can make great decisions everyone buys into.

  • Church Growth Dynamics:

    All churches want to grow, so come and explore what that means in reality. Learn how to identify and overcome potential growth barriers, develop an empowering culture and stay true to the mission of your local church as you grow.

  • Church History:

    The past has shaped our present and as the church, we have a family history we can all benefit from understanding more. To that end we present a panoramic survey of church history from Pentecost to the present day, with an emphasis on identifying the enduring lessons to help us be and build the Church Jesus always indented us to be today.

See The Practicals for details of locations, dates, costs and how to register.